Thursday, May 3, 2012

Quick and Easy 1-Minute Manicure

Spending too much time behind the wheel and not enough time pampering yourself?  Well, how about pampering yourself while you're behind the wheel??  Not when you're driving of course, but the next time you're waiting for the kids to get out of school or for Grandma to get done with her doctor appointment why don't you give yourself a 1-minute manicure?  It's super easy to do and only requires a few essentials.

1-Minute Manicure Supplies: Hand Lotion ~ Nail File ~ Nail Polish

I usually arrive a bit early to pick my kids up from school, mostly to get a good spot in the pick-up line, but it also gives me quiet time to read, meditate, or empty my head onto a tablet before chaos ensues once my car fills with kids.  But today I decided to use this time to finally fix some nails I had chipped last week that I've been meaning to take care of since they keep snagging on things!

Once parked, I began to file my nails and smooth over the chipped areas.  Then I applied a travel size hand lotion that I always keep in the car.  At that point I realized I was giving myself a "mini" manicure. I finished by applying the clear top coat and thought this is a great idea to share with any busy mom who's always on the go!!  Just keep a nail file, some hand lotion, and your favorite nail polish in your glove box and the next time you have a minute to spare give yourself a 1-minute manicure!!

It's an instant pick-me-up and a well deserved treat!!  ENJOY!!

Have a Beautiful Day!