Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Recycled Necktie Wristlet - How Do You Make One?

"How do you make your necktie wristlets?  I really want to know!!"
"Can I have the instructions to make a tie wristlet?"
"Is there a tutorial or instructions available to make these wristlets?"
"Please email me your pattern. Thanks!"

The ORIGINAL Recycled Necktie Wristlet © 2010

I get asked ALL the time how I make my Recycled Necktie Wristlets. The sudden interest to obtain the instructions or pattern to my necktie wristlets has been overwhelming!!  It's amazing to see how popular an idea I came up with almost two years ago has become and I truly appreciate the positive response my wristlets have received!! 

Who would have thought I would create something that others would be so interested in??  It all started in 2010 when my sister asked me to make her something to carry her cell phone and ID in.  She liked the snap wallets I made, but felt they weren't enough.  She wanted a handle, something purse-like.  I did some research and found several different cell phone holders on the market.  Some were cute, some were not, but nothing really jumped out at me.  Until I found a coin pouch made from a necktie.  It wasn't made well, but it would serve as the inspiration I needed to begin creating.  

I have always loved the concept of taking things and turning them into something else, something different than its intended purpose.  So I began experimenting with men's neckties and even though I had NO IDEA what I was doing, I just kept at it.  After one month of breaking several machine needles and pulling lots of hair out in frustration, I finally created my very first necktie wristlet!!  It is now displayed in my studio, like a business's first $1, to remind me of where it all began!!

My FIRST necktie wristlet
I was so proud of myself for not giving up, yet I was scared to try and make another one.  I had no idea how I made the first one, so how could I duplicate what I just did?!  I gave it a go anyway and out came another necktie wristlet... well, purse this time.  I wasn't comfortable with how the wristlet-type handle was coming out so I tried a shoulder strap.  But the necktie wasn't long enough to make the purse hip length.  It was still cute and functional, so I listed it in my online store and was I ever shocked when it SOLD!!!!

I decided to go back to the wristlet-type handle again and my third attempt generated the original design of my Recycled Necktie Wristlet.  It sold within weeks and I knew I was onto something!! Even my picky-pants sister was thrilled with her wristlet so I decided to make one for myself!!  At first, I used mine for trips to Disneyland. It was super easy to carry our Annual Passports and camera around the park instead of a giant bag filled with things I didn't need, especially there!!  Now I use it to carry my cell phone, ID, and a credit card or two instead of that enormous bag I used to lug around everywhere!!  I don't think I'll ever go back to using one of those "luggage" bags again!

My wristlets were quickly becoming a hit, so I decided to enter one of them into NBC's Green Is Universal "ReUser's Guide to Green Living - ART OF ReUSE CONTEST.   Even though I was not a top 10 finalist, the attention my wristlets received since entering this contest has been mind-boggling!!

Green Is Universal - ReUse'rs Guide to Living - Art of ReUse
C O N T E S T    E N T R Y
I've since sold over 100 Recycled Necktie Wristlets and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to create a product that has become so successful! It's such a rewarding feeling to come up with something all your own and have others admire it.

I'm flattered to have had so many requests from people interested in how I make my wristlets, but I cannot provide a pattern or “how-to” instructions because I don't use them. I just make wristlets out of men's neckties, I can't explain how. It’s like Grandma baking in the kitchen. She doesn’t follow a recipe or specific measurements, she just throws in a dash of this and a pinch of that and out comes the most delicious ‘work of art’ you ever tasted!! So the best way to describe how I make my wristlets is this..... I find a vintage or gently used necktie, crank up my favorite radio station (95.9 The FISH), and let God do the rest!!!

I hope that my Recycled Necktie Wristlets inspire you to find other objects to upcycle and give new life to.  Tap into your creative juices and see what different items you can come up with,  that’s all I did! There are plenty of innovative and green products yet to be created. So what are you waiting for??!! Get crafting!!

If you're not sure where to start, I encourage you to look deep within yourself and discover what it is you do best and what makes you truly happy. Keep in mind the ability to craft isn’t for everyone as not everybody is wired to create. But we all have a natural talent; it's finding what comes naturally that’s the challenge!! And whatever it may be, I hope you get the opportunity to do it someday!!
If you would like to purchase one of my wristlets, or if you have a favorite tie of your own or of a loved one that you’d like made into a wristlet, please visit my online store at and I'd be happy to assist you!! 

Copyright© 2010 - 2012 Tearful Touch® All rights reserved.
The "Recycled Necktie Wristlet 2-Pocket Gadget Holder" is the Intellectual Property of Tearful Touch® and may not be copied, reproduced, displayed, distributed, or sold without express written permission. Product images used in social media communities and platforms is permitted under the Fair Use Doctrine, US Code Title 17, Chapter 1, § 107.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Craft Fair Booth Makeover

Vending at a Craft Show is pretty much a crap shoot.  There are no guarantees you will sell anything nor can you predict what the weather will be like.  And anyone can just clunk down some merchandise on a table and hope someone will give them money for it.  But setting up your vending space to attract the potential customer is a crucial factor in this business.  There are many "tips" and set-up ideas available online and thousands of people full of advice, which can be helpful (or confusing) for a newbie, but nothing can teach you better than just getting out there and doing it yourself!!

My first vending experience was earlier this year at a local Earth Week Expo.  I had no idea what to expect and didn't really have a concept as to how I would set up my booth even though I spent hours researching various set-up ideas.  I purchased a table at Costco and figured that was a good start.  The Expo graciously provided vendors with a canopy, table, and a chair so all I had to really worry about bringing was my product.  But being it was my first time, I worried about way more than that!  I continued to research different ideas and tried to come up with something "my own".....

My First Craft Fair
I positioned the tables into an "L" shape and covered them with two flat sheets I picked up from Walmart.  I was thrilled to find a vintage sewing machine off of Craigslist that I could use as a prop.  To give the illusion of height, I placed boxes under the sheets ....  Not very "trendy" or eye catching is it?... You can't even tell what I'm selling ... It's "my own" alright!!, haha  :) 

Surprisingly I saw some traffic, made a few sales, and got LOTS of positive feedback on my merchandise, but it didn't turn out quite as I had hoped.  I mean I was grateful for the experience to have been around other vendors to learn from and it was super cool to be a part of an eco-friendly event that I'm glad I didn't scare myself out of going to, but I knew I would have to "dress it up" some more if I were to do another show.

And low and behold I was asked to attend another little festival a few months later.  You'd think I would have learned from my first mistake... I mean show, and try to have a little more organization or flow in my second attempt....

My second Craft Fair
No such luck!!... This time I borrowed a table in addition to the one I owned and purchased my own canopy from Walmart.  I kept the "L" shaped layout the same and somehow thought that adding some picture frames filled with product information would help soften things up.  But the overall look was still cluttered with no sense of order or purpose.

Although I did make a few sales, I had even less traffic than before.  And I ended up spending what I earned on the other vendors that were there!  Again, grateful to have participated in this little shindig and for the practice in setting up, but I just knew that if I were to do this again, I would definitely have to make some major changes if I wanted to see things pick up.

There were a few events on the horizon, but I still didn't have a plan to create a new set up nor was I prepared with enough product so I didn't apply for any of them.  A few more months went by and I finally decided to attend a Fall Boutique not far from where I lived.  I had a few set up designs in my head, but nothing concrete.  I worked on increasing my product line and before I knew it, the event was days away!!

I think I had about 6 hours of sleep the entire week leading up to the craft show!  The hardest part was constructing my set up pieces while trying to create enough product in time for the show.  There just didn't seem to be enough time in each day to get it all done!  I had to make new table cloths, preferably fitted ones.  I also wanted to make curtains for the corners of the canopy and a backdrop along the rear of the booth.  I needed a stand to display my neckties, but had no idea what to buy or make.  ... Tick tock!! ...

Tah-Dah!! ... My new and improved Craft Fair Set-up

Third time's a charm, right?!?!?!  It's like night and day!!  I borrowed two tables in addition to the one I owned and decided to change the layout of the tables to create a more inviting atmosphere.  My table cloths were made from two brand new shower curtains I found at the Goodwill for $8 each that retail for $25 each at Target!

I used one of the green sheets I already had and cut it into strips, hemmed it up, and made four corner curtains out of it. The other green sheet was used as a table cloth for the smaller table toward the back of my booth.  I purchased another flat sheet in brown and cut pieces from it to sew along the sides of the shower curtain to make the fitted table cloths.  My husband built a shelf for one of the tables which I created a slipcover for from the same sheet.  The remaining pieces were used to cover the Necktie Wristlet stands my husband made from scrap wood and PVC pipes.  

Recycled Necktie Wristlets

Ivory curtain panels and a few storage baskets were also found at the Goodwill.  I somehow MacGyver'ed the curtains together to make a "backdrop" for the rear of the canopy, but once I started setting up the booth I decided to split them up and have one on each side to kind of break up the closeness of my neighboring vendors.  (Guess I'll have to make some "walls" before the next show!)

Traffic was light, but this event brought in the most sales for me so far!!  I received TONS of positive comments regarding the cleverness of my products, and even suggestions for new ones.  And I only spent my earnings on lunch and a face painting for my daughter!!

It was exciting to go home with extra cash in my pocket and rewarding to have my merchandise appreciated by such wonderful customers.  Completely renovating my set-up was a refreshing experience, one that has inspired me to attend more craft shows and has shown me that I am capable of creating anything I put my mind to.  Now my booth is an organized and inviting environment that shows some personality and flair, a far cry from what my set-up was like before, and I did it all for under $50!! 

If you are preparing for your first Craft Show (or attending your 90th), may I suggest you just have fun with it.  Enjoy the experience and know that as your craft evolves over time, so will your products and how you display them.

Have a Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Junk Mail? - Recycle It!!

Got Junk Mail ??...

I remember going out to the end of the driveway to my grandparents mailbox and collecting their mail for them everyday.  It was a job I was proud of (unless there were bills inside), but I don't remember them complaining much about receiving too much junk mail.  Today, that's all we seem to get in our mailbox!! From credit card offers to catalogs, junk mail fills up our mailboxes on a daily basis only to be dumped in the trash to then fill up our landfills.

Sure, you can sign up for one of those services that promises to rid you of all junk mail, but it will still come.  So accept it, and recycle it into something USEFUL!!!  Here's how....

If you don't already own a paper shredder, I would highly recommend you go get one.  Now, you don't have to go break the bank by buying a "Top-of-the-Line" model, just find one that will ... idk ... shred paper! ...

My 6 sheet max strip cut shredder

Once you've got that shredder plugged in and ready to rock, grab all that piled up junk mail and shred your little heart out!! This could even be a great activity to keep your kids busy (Adult Supervision is recommended of course!!)  So the next time you need to pack up that gift you're sending to Aunt Marge or Grandma Jean, you can simply stuff some shredded junk mail into your shipping box to keep the items from shifting around in transit.

And it's more eco-friendly than those styrofoam peanuts or inflated plastic pouches because the shredded paper can simply be tossed into the recycling bin once the package has been opened!  Or it can even be stored in reused plastic grocery bags until it's ready to be re-used again!!
Use shredded junk mail as shipping or moving filler

With Christmas right around the corner, you should start shredding now so you'll have plenty of filler to ensure your gifts will arrive safe and sound to their recipients this holiday season.  You know, this might also be a great way to cushion breakables while moving!!

Or how about making your own paper from the shredded strips??!!   You could also take those fake credit cards they include and give them to the kids to "pretend play" with (age appropriately, of course).  I use mine as props for my online merchandise photos.  Wow!, the "re-uses" of junk mail are endless!! :)
Re-use Credit Card & Gift Card offers
So there you have it, a few easy peasy ways to recycle all that junk mail you never stop getting!!

Have a Beautiful Day!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Planning a Birthday Party - DIY for Less

Throwing a birthday party for anyone while on an extremely tight budget is hard, but doing it for "status conscious" tweens is another story.  We don't live far from those "Real Housewives" so spending lots of money and having brand name this & that is the norm around here.  But we're surviving on one income that's probably a months salary to our infamous neighbors so I've had to come up with party plans that wouldn't break the bank, but would also be entertaining enough for about 20 neighborhood tweens!

And just where the heck are we supposed to have this party?  After looking into local facilities that offered carefree "all inclusive" party packages, I was shocked at the $300 - $500 per hour price tag these places required!!  Everything was clearly out of our range!!  I had to figure something out soon or I'd disappoint the birthday girl!  So taking into consideration this was a summer birthday, we looked into having a Pool Party at our community pool.  Cost: $25.00 for a permit to reserve a patio pavilion!!

made invitations which cost me a total of $2.00 and were so fun to create!  The birthday girl quickly approved of them and hand delivered most of them to her friends saving us postage too!!  As the RSVP's came in, I couldn't help but stress out ~ Would I have enough food for everyone?  What about decorations?  What kind of "goodie-bags" should we have? Could I afford to really throw this party?...

::::: B R E A T H E ::::::

Boy, was I super excited to find streamers, balloons, table cloths, a Birthday Banner, and these super fun solar powered dancing flower pots at the 99 Cent Store!!! 

Solar Powered Dancing Flower Pots courtesy of the 99 Cent Store & the Nate Berkus Show 

I saw an episode of the Nate Berkus Show a while back where these adorable dancing flower pots were featured in a "Low-Cost Party Decorations" segment and the woman said she got them from the Dollar Store.  But I never saw them at my local Dollar Store!!!!.....  that is, until I needed them!! WOOT!!

We arrived several hours before the party to set up the decorations which I was so afraid we would run out of, but we actually had too many!!  Oh well, we'll just have to save them for the next party!! :)

The Birthday Girl "showing some LOVE" for the decorations

I made goodie-bags from shovel & pail buckets I found at Wal-Mart.  Inflatable beach balls, candy, and fun straws were added to the buckets courtesy of Target.

"Goodie-Buckets" filled w/candy, beach balls, water bottles, & fun straws

So far, so good.  Now I need to get some food!!  The local Farmers Market had seedless watermelons on sale for 19 cents a pound. So I bought two, cut them up into triangle pieces, and served them in huge pink plastic bowls I got from the Dollar Spot at Target!  I ordered the cake and several pizzas from Costco where I also grabbed cases of bottled water, soda, and juice pouches that we put on ice during the party.

Total Cost: $174 

I spent a little more than I had planned to, but the final tally was way cheaper than what was being offered anywhere else.  I'm proud of myself for staying determined to find great ways to have this party without emptying my wallet (too much)!  And it was reassuring to be asked by many of the parents who were at the pool that day, "How did you do this?" ... "This is great!" ... "I want to do to this for my son/daughter's upcoming birthday!"

You can't put a price on having fun, especially when it's memories you're creating, not social status.  And it looks like everyone had a great time to me....

Birthday Fun on a Budget = PRICELESS

Have a Beautiful Day!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DIY Birthday Invitations Fit for a Tween

So my daughter is turning 11 (going on 30) and suddenly it hits me that gone are the days of character themed parties and child-like activities.  No matter how cute Hello Kitty is or how beautiful those Disney princesses are, it's time to transition into "A Whole New World"... (oh, I'll miss Aladdin!!).... a new world of teenage stuff that I'm just not prepared for yet!  So how do I find a birthday theme that would accommodate a tween?  Well, I went right to the source and asked my daughter what she liked.   ... "Pink and Purple" ...  that's all she gave me to go on.  I can barely remember yesterday let alone my own childhood so I don't know much about this "tween" phase, but I do know that if I don't get this right, there'll be plenty of attitude coming my way!

Accepting that my little girl is transforming into preadolescence is a tough pill to swallow and reminiscing of easier times brought a few tears to my eyes.  I've wanted to hit a pause button on life many times just to cherish special moments a little longer, but life keeps going whether you want it to or not.  So as I fought through the tears, I somehow managed to design an invitation that I hoped would express my daughter's style (for the moment).  And I'm pretty dang proud of how they turned out, especially since my daughter actually approved of them!! ......

Handmade Birthday Invitations
Would you believe the cost to make these totally awesome invites ran me a whopping $2?  Listen, in these tough economic times I'm all about finding the steal of a deal and passing the savings on to you just makes it even more Sah-weet!!...

I'm sure there's an easier, softer way, but here's how I did it:

1.  Use any photo editing program that has patterned background images or find your favorite images from the internet [no copyrighted material of course!] and insert them into the program. 

2.  Create a "template" by setting up a new image with the appropriate measurements and then adding in the patterned images you wish to complete your photo.  My template consisted of two different patterned backgrounds, a solid bar of color with a floral image duplicated down the center, and a solid square left blank for the details of the party to be filled in later.

3.  Next,  add the Main Text ~ "You're Invited" ~ "It's Party Time" ~ etc. along the left hand side. Have fun playing with different fonts and seeing what can fit.  I used the "Blackjack" font, but I know I tried a zillion others before finally selecting that one.  (Now would be a good time to make matching "Thank You" cards too!)

4.  Save your image and insert it into a blank Word Document.  Format the text wrapping to "behind text"

5.  Adjust your page settings and/or margins to accomodate as many images as you can. You can either insert the picture each time and then adjust the formatting or you can just "copy" the original image and paste it throughout the document.

6.  Manually type in the details of the party (For - Date - Time - Place - RSVP)  Lining everything up is the key.  You will definitely have to adjust font sizes and page spacing to fit everything perfectly. Complete where necessary or you could just leave it blank to handwrite the information in yourself if you'd prefer.
7.  Print your document on card stock and cut each invite out.

8.  Viola! Now you can send the invites "as is" either as a postcard or placed into an addressed envelope.  But I wanted to dress mine up a bit more and make them a little extra special (mostly because my daughter's reaction so far was, "Eh!!") 

I don't scrapbook or keepsake things much so going beyond this point was surely a stretch!!  I know I wanted to use a crystal or gemstone of somekind and black scrapbook paper so I priced what Joann's or Michael's had in stock.  I happened to stop at Target to pick up a few household items before going to Joann's and would you believe in their $1 Dollar Spot section I found a tiny package of rhinestone flower gems and black scrapbook paper?!?!... HOW SUPER COOL WAS THAT??!!! I just saved myself some gas in not having to make the extra trip to Joann's!! WOOT!! :)

Thank You Target Dollar Spot!!
9.  Back home I manually "broke" each floral gem into individual petals and then glued them onto my printed  invites.

10.  Once the gems dried, I glued the printed invite onto the black scrapbook paper.

 11.  To finalize the invitations I used decorative scissors to embellish the ends and popped them into envelopes I already had on hand that I previously purchased here.

And my daughter's overall reaction?...  "NIIIICE!!  I love them!! Thanks Mom!!"  .... anything for my (not so) little girl!! ......

Granted, these invitations would cost more than $2 if you didn't already have a few necessities on hand  or weren't lucky enough to find supplies so cheap, but thankfully I did!!  If money happens to grow on your trees, than you could just purchase everything you'll need at your local craft store regardless of the price! ... (and then send me a tree!!)

If you have any questions or tips to make this tutorial easier, feel free to let me know!
Have a Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have You Seen Me?


These handmade necktie wristlets were specifically created for a consignment request through QUEEN CITY EMPORIUM of Springfield, MO.

I've shipped out merchandise on consignment before and received my percentage every month, no problems, so this didn't seem any different.  They had a legitimate contract, we conversed through Etsy convo's and emails, but then I never heard anything.  After several months I decided to see if anyone happened to mention QCE in the forums. YIKES!!  Was I surprised to learn that they took off with my merchandise (among hundreds of other vendors crafts too!) never to be seen or heard from again!!

It's amazing how many vendors were victimized from this one entity and heartbreaking to calculate how much was lost.  Selling on consignment has now been tarnished forever and will not be an avenue taken by myself nor most of these vendors ever again!  If you know someone who also submitted merchandise to Queen City Emporium and is still waiting to hear something, please direct them to the following Facebook page
to be added to the ever growing list of vendors who are missing merchandise and seeking reimbursement from this unthinkable act of selfishness!! 

A Consumer Complaint can also be filed with the Missouri Attorney General ]. The most recent update available shows the Attorney General's office has recovered some merchandise and is in the process of returning items to their rightful owners.  I'm not sure if every vendor will receive their items back, but this good news sure does offer some hope!

There may even be a chance these CrAzY cool accessories will turn up someday...  a small chance of course, but you never know.... 

Have a Beautiful Day!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Earth Week Project: DIY Gift Box Tutorial

Earth Week is right around the corner and it's a great opportunity to evaluate what you do (or don't do) to contribute in reducing waste and keeping our planet beautiful.  I believe we all do a little something in our own way, but wouldn't it be great if we could do just a little more? 

I was recently asked to participate in an annual Earth Week event at a local Community College and in preparation I realized that even though my creations pursue a "greener" path, my packaging is a little on the wasteful side. So I decided to find a new way to package my products for the event (and hopefully from now on).  It had to be "green," inexpensive, and easily accessible.... but what could I use??... 

BINGO!!... empty cereal boxes!!  With two constantly hungry kids, cereal goes pretty quick around here and there's always an empty box heading for the garbage!!  So I rescued a few boxes and came up with a super cute packaging idea that I'm excited to put into use next week!

Gift boxes made from recycled cereal boxes


Here's how to make your own...
1.  Take an empty cereal box (minus the leftover bits of cereal at the bottom)
2.  Open the bottom end of the box

3.  Along one of the sides, find where the box has been sealed shut

4.  Slide your finger, a knife, letter opener, or whatever works along this seam to break the seal (Try not to rip this open too fast as you will need to use this side flap for part of your project)

5.  Next you'll want to cut off the top and bottom tabs

(Recycle them into gift tags by simply stamping an image on the non-printed side)

Custom Made Stamp by

**Be sure to check for BOX TOPS or LABELS FOR EDUCATION ~ you don't want to throw those away by accident!! Our schools need all the funding they can get!!

6.  Cut the remaining cereal box in 1/2 to make two separate, equal pieces (makes two gift boxes)

7.  Trace the template onto each piece and score at the fold areas with a butter knife, bone folder, rounded end of scissors, or whatever will mark the cardboard, but not actually cut it

8.  Now you can cut along the outer edges and slightly fold at the scored areas

9.  Fold in 1/2 along the center fold with the printed side "out" and glue the side flap to the other end (You can also fold with the printed side "in" and stamp, draw, or paint something fun on the plain side to dress it up or personalize it)

(I usually wait for the glue to dry before continuing, but then you run the risk of being distracted and forgetting you were in the middle of this project until you find the cereal box lying somewhere three days later stuck to something odd and wondering how the heck it got "there," so you just might want to continue right away, but with the glue still wet it will be slippery)

10.  Fold the ends down and overlap to close the box. Your finished project is now ready to fill with any awesome gift you want to give! Measures approximately 7" x 5"

Any empty cardboard box you have from household items like bulk food boxes, laundry detergent, or childrens toy packaging will also work great too!!

And there you have it... a pretty cool, eco-friendly gift box just in time for Earth Week, Easter, Mother's Day, or anytime!! ENJOY!!

If you have any questions or tips to make this tutorial easier, feel free to let me know!
Have a Beautiful Day!

Monday, April 11, 2011

GO TEAM! The Art of ReUse Contest

NBC's Green is Universal & Etsy present...
...the ReUser's Guide to Green Living...

The Upcyclers team on Etsy has many talented artists that have submitted projects in the Art of ReUse Contest that need your vote for a chance to win an all expense paid family vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida!  Voting started Saturday, April 9th, but runs through this Friday, April 15th.  I'm amazed at how many diverse items are available to vote on and proud to be among one of the contestants.  I don't know if any part of this contest will be televised, but having celebrity judges makes the stakes that much higher!

You must be a registered user of the website in order to vote.  Once they have emailed you a password, you can sign back in and change the password to whatever you like.  It's easy to vote, just click on the project you like best, scroll down to just above the comment section and click on the "Cast Vote in This Category" button:
You can vote up to 5 times, but only once in each category: Home Decor, Fashion, Jewelry, Toys/Games/Gadgets, and Pets.  You can even change your vote by clicking on the "You Voted to This Project" button to deselect your original vote.  Now you're free to vote again for someone else, if you'd like!

It only takes one vote to enter yourself into the Sweepstakes where you have a chance to win a $500 Etsy shopping spree!!  And who couldn't use an extra $500 to spend?!

So check out the competition, vote for your favorite, leave comments to show your support, and make sure to "Like" as many items as you can to spread the word!!!

Good Luck to my fellow Upcyclers!!.......


Floppy Disc Garden Markers by Believe in UR dream

Happy Birthday Garland by Green Garland

Phone Book Coasters by The Art of Greatness

Eco Chic Jewelry & Hair Organizer by Our Children's Earth

T-Shirt Yarn Bowl by TNTees
Recycled Men's Necktie Wristlet by Tearful Touch

Phoenix Rising Ballgown by Scrollwork

Donut Roll Scarf by TNTees

Monster Truck t-shirt by TNTees

Flannel Cuff Wallet by TNTees

Upcycled Belt Magazine Tile Necklace by Believe in UR Dream

Sea Glass Necklace by Mutti

Christmas Bling by Very Creative Creation

Upcyclers Necklace by Mutti