Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have You Seen Me?


These handmade necktie wristlets were specifically created for a consignment request through QUEEN CITY EMPORIUM of Springfield, MO.

I've shipped out merchandise on consignment before and received my percentage every month, no problems, so this didn't seem any different.  They had a legitimate contract, we conversed through Etsy convo's and emails, but then I never heard anything.  After several months I decided to see if anyone happened to mention QCE in the forums. YIKES!!  Was I surprised to learn that they took off with my merchandise (among hundreds of other vendors crafts too!) never to be seen or heard from again!!

It's amazing how many vendors were victimized from this one entity and heartbreaking to calculate how much was lost.  Selling on consignment has now been tarnished forever and will not be an avenue taken by myself nor most of these vendors ever again!  If you know someone who also submitted merchandise to Queen City Emporium and is still waiting to hear something, please direct them to the following Facebook page
to be added to the ever growing list of vendors who are missing merchandise and seeking reimbursement from this unthinkable act of selfishness!! 

A Consumer Complaint can also be filed with the Missouri Attorney General
https://www.consumer.ago.mo.gov/ ]. The most recent update available shows the Attorney General's office has recovered some merchandise and is in the process of returning items to their rightful owners.  I'm not sure if every vendor will receive their items back, but this good news sure does offer some hope!

There may even be a chance these CrAzY cool accessories will turn up someday...  a small chance of course, but you never know.... 

Have a Beautiful Day!

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