Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Got Junk Mail? - Recycle It!!

Got Junk Mail ??...

I remember going out to the end of the driveway to my grandparents mailbox and collecting their mail for them everyday.  It was a job I was proud of (unless there were bills inside), but I don't remember them complaining much about receiving too much junk mail.  Today, that's all we seem to get in our mailbox!! From credit card offers to catalogs, junk mail fills up our mailboxes on a daily basis only to be dumped in the trash to then fill up our landfills.

Sure, you can sign up for one of those services that promises to rid you of all junk mail, but it will still come.  So accept it, and recycle it into something USEFUL!!!  Here's how....

If you don't already own a paper shredder, I would highly recommend you go get one.  Now, you don't have to go break the bank by buying a "Top-of-the-Line" model, just find one that will ... idk ... shred paper! ...

My 6 sheet max strip cut shredder

Once you've got that shredder plugged in and ready to rock, grab all that piled up junk mail and shred your little heart out!! This could even be a great activity to keep your kids busy (Adult Supervision is recommended of course!!)  So the next time you need to pack up that gift you're sending to Aunt Marge or Grandma Jean, you can simply stuff some shredded junk mail into your shipping box to keep the items from shifting around in transit.

And it's more eco-friendly than those styrofoam peanuts or inflated plastic pouches because the shredded paper can simply be tossed into the recycling bin once the package has been opened!  Or it can even be stored in reused plastic grocery bags until it's ready to be re-used again!!
Use shredded junk mail as shipping or moving filler

With Christmas right around the corner, you should start shredding now so you'll have plenty of filler to ensure your gifts will arrive safe and sound to their recipients this holiday season.  You know, this might also be a great way to cushion breakables while moving!!

Or how about making your own paper from the shredded strips??!!   You could also take those fake credit cards they include and give them to the kids to "pretend play" with (age appropriately, of course).  I use mine as props for my online merchandise photos.  Wow!, the "re-uses" of junk mail are endless!! :)
Re-use Credit Card & Gift Card offers
So there you have it, a few easy peasy ways to recycle all that junk mail you never stop getting!!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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