Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recycled Necktie Keychains OH MY!!

I’ve been recycling men's neckties into Cell Phone Wristlets for over two years now.  And in making these wristlets, I’ve accumulated quite a large collection of leftover necktie pieces.  I’ve held onto these remnants because I knew one day I would probably create something with them.  There are a few ideas brewing around in my head, but so far I've only had the chance to create a keychain large enough to slip over your wrist.    

My first batch debuted at a craft fair last fall and they were a hit!! I received a lot of compliments about them, so I decided to list a few in my online shop.  I’ve since had several custom order requests for keychains to be made from sentimental family neckties to be given as gifts to various family members. 

But nothing could prepare me for the next request I received.  I was recently asked to create 350 recycled necktie keychain/key fobs for an upcoming marketing campaign through Cumberland Marketing out of Kingsport, TN.  I was honored to be asked, yet worried if I could handle such an order of this magnitude!  I’m a one woman operation and being a full-time mom and part-time student unfortunately doesn’t leave much room for sewing.  But I took on the task anyway and hoped for the best!

This project was HUGE and I realized I wouldn't have enough remnants in stock to fit the order plus it would take a few weeks to get additional keychain hardware shipped in from my supplier.  Great thing for me Cumberland Marketing was offering to supply the ties AND the hardware needed!! WOOT!  (Thank You CM!!)

 A few days later a large box was delivered to my studio. Holy cannoli there were almost 100 ties in that box!! Where would I begin? Was I in over my head?

I figured the easiest direction to head off in was to sort them by color.  As I prepared each tie, I couldn’t help but remind myself what a significant opportunity this was for me and my business.  I was extremely grateful to have been given the chance to partake in this project.

And then I was informed special ties were being expedited for immediate processing to appear in a commercial shoot!! 

Something I made is going to be featured in a real live commercial?!?!?  I almost fainted, but I had a zillion key fobs to create so there was no time for drama!! I finished up the special order and awaited word as to when these oh-so-cute keychains would make their advertising debut.. (so far, no word yet!!) ... :-(
Hours turned into days, days turned into weeks and I started to feel the pressure of completing this enormous job in a timely manner.  But I somehow made it through despite taking care of my family and studying for finals and I’m just thrilled my sewing machine was able to hold up too!!

Recycled Necktie MINI Keychain Key Fobs

This entire process was challenging and overwhelming at times, but it was also a wonderful experience that strengthened my crafting ability and improved the belief in myself- that I can do anything (through Christ who gives me strength – Philippians 4:13)

If you have a favorite tie of your own or of a loved one that you’d like made into a keychain/key fob or if you would like to purchase one of my keychains, please visit my online store and I'd be happy to assist you!!

Have a Beautiful Day!

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  1. You have definitely made good use of your necktie leftovers. Not bad! You did a good job with all your ties. I’m sure Cumberland Marketing must be very proud of you. You accomplished a great deal to create numerous key chains. You handle pressure pretty well. I’m happy for you!

    Nelson Tillmon